Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Optimized Speed of Loading Blog.

Continue with my previous post about " How to increase speed of loading blog", on this occasion, I share what I have to do to optimize the speed of loading blog. Many ways in which we can do to speed up Optimization blog. Some of them like I did the following.

  • Optimized Image
  • Small image file sizes that make blogs much faster loading. For image optimization I use gif or png format file in the content. Both of format is much smaller file size, but the result is very good. At times, to further minimize the size of image i used the image optimizer tool. This tool can be obtained free of charge. We can use the online version of the image optimizer tool by searching on Google using keywords, "how to optimize images".
  • Minify HTML
  • Use the html code as little as possible on the content can speed up loading time of a blog. In such a way that I use to throw the HTML description tag of the HTML page.
  • Minify Javascript
  • Use of JavaScript, so it's to make your blog look better and dynamic. But sometimes excessive use javasript can make a long loading time. The way that I use is to use a little javasript and switch to optimize the use of external CSS code. Sometime i used javascript compressor. This tool can be obtained free of charge.
So that I can share my experiences in this occasion. At the next opportunity i will share other tips about "How to optimized Speed of Loading Blog".

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