Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Create Quality Content

After sharing tips on how to blog optimization, on this occasion I share tips on how to create quality content. Although the blog optimization we do have a nice, but if the blog content is not qualified. The reader does not automatically make total increase. For this reason, we need to know how to create quality content that was like that.
quality content
Below is how I do to create a high-quality content:
  • First, specify a target audience.
  • Why?? So, when determining the target audience, such as restrictions on age and educational level. We can determine the appropriate style language, so that readers are satisfied with the results of our work. For example, if the target audience of our blog is public, or any age. then in writing using a formal language style.
  • Next survey topic that is often read by our target audience.
  • Does a review that often resorted to our target audience. In addition, the results of the study, we can determine what you can do well or we are interested. I suggest this because it can do well or we are interested in, certainly makes it easy to write content for us later.
  • Next step, survey of keywords that relate to the topic.
  • To research keywords related to the topic we want to discuss, can use tools such as external keyword tool from Google and market Samurai. Look for keywords related to the topic, but the level of competition is still low. This is to facilitate the blogs that we build, fast to get readers.
  • The next step optimization grammar.
  • About how the grammar optimization, can be seen on my previous post about "Freeware Utilities For Optimized Blog".
  • How to create quality content that is on the side, add a picture related to the topic.
  • images can add a sense of interest relating to prospective readers. In addition to streamlining as a tool for getting visitors to our blog.
How to create high-quality content based on my experience, so that readers get the results you see might differ from my experience. So first to share from my experience on how to create quality content. Keep the spirit.

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