What Are Widgets

What are widget definition? Definition widget is is a referring to a mini internet application that is offered by a 3rd party. Widgets can easily be integrated in a web page, blog or profile by inserting a small chunk of code that will be offered you at the site of your chosen Widget. The benefits of widgets is that, everybody can use content without knowing anything of progamming such as DHTML, Java, Flash or software programming.
What are kind of widgets?
  1. Web Widgets
    Webwidgets can easy be used on webpages, blogs or profilepages, by simply copy a code. Most Widgets have a button option so you can place a widget by a click of a button on your content page. Some web widget platforms are, Widgetbox, springwidgets, Yourminis , Widgia , Widgiland & Widgipedia.

    If you write on your own blog, web widgets can be used to provide additional functionality. For example, Feedburner is a website that allows people to sign up for your RSS feed. They provide a widget that you can put on your blog to help people sign up. YouTube also provides a widget, allowing you to make a playlist of your favorite videos. And these are just two among many widgets that can be used in conjunction with your blog.
    But widgets aren't just for personal use. Businesses also use widgets to enhance their websites. Widgets can be used to track visitors to the website and provide information on how the visitor found the website. They can also be used to provide syndicated content, such as relevant content from the Associated Press, or information like stock quotes.

    How to use widgets? Installing a web widget on your site, whether it be a personalized start page or a blog, is a simple matter of copying the code and pasting it into the appropriate place on your site.
  2. Desktop Widgets
    Desktop widgets are basically the same as web widgets the difference is that you can download it on your desktop some desktop providers are, Dashboard widgets of Apple Macintosh or Yahoo widgets. Widgets are downloadable interactive virtual tools that provide services such as showing the user the latest news, the current weather, the time, a calendar, a dictionary, a map program, a calculator, desktop notes, photo viewers, or even a language translator, among other things.
  3. Mobile Widgets
    Mobile widgets ( cellular widgets) are special made to fit on a screen of a mobile phone. Mobile users can use widgets exact the same way as web & desktop widgets, for example weather widgets, game widgets, news widgets, chat widgets and many many more. Some providers are Widsets or Plusmo
hopefully from the above explanation it can answer the question what are widgets. My suggestion, use the widget on an as-needed basis and related to the topic of our blog. To view the blog nicely, but still beautiful blog loading speed.