Monday, August 20, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

As the latest Tablet, Samsung Galaxy tab, many actually brings new technologies plus 7.0, but there are some elements that need to be updated by the manufacturer from South Korea.
The following are some advantages than disadvantages of the Galaxy tab 7.0 plus, among other things:
Excess 1. as a portable device the Galaxy tab 7.0 plus mini thin appearance and easier. This is with only one hand on the screen, the forerunner to the Tablet PC, and the size can be taken by 7 inches.
2 Has to offer technology, is in fact better than the Samsung Tablet 7 inch version. Start of the operating system, Android 1. 2 GHz, Adobe Flash, Web browser features and super fast HSPA + connectivity, which now supports updating to 2.2, honeycomb dual core processors speeds three times faster than conventional HSPA connections.
(3) can be used, make phone calls and video calls without the speakerphone or headset.
4. Full HD video with DivX support and multi-codec made the tablet to read format for all types of video files and images.
5. use the social hub integrated application contacts, calendar, e-Mail and instant messaging, as well as social connections on a single user interface. During an application reader hub presents the content like e-reading e-books, newspapers and magazines.
Disadvantages: 1. the screen of Galaxy tab 7.0 plus uses 7-inch WSVGA screen with a resolution of 1024 x is 600. available with lighting that has as the rooms look nice and clear was. However if you in the free and you get very high sunlight, the screen is invisible glare, as well as clear or vague.
(2) by the side of the camera, this tablet is the camera 3MP AF with LED flash equipped with. For inside despite the low lighting, Galaxy tab 7.0 images can use covered plus clear as a Bell, as well as colors, almost precisely on the original high school. The difference is the case when using the camera in low light outdoors. Although already use Flash, but still dark generated images and insufficient. Maybe Samsung needs to increase the capacity of his camera.
3. the screen 7-inch sees, where less in happy, enjoy the entertainment of Galaxy tab 7.0 plus, offered as full-HD video, games, and surfing the Internet.
(4) made by the page looks less than perfect, since cash still made of plastic, so that was something slippery when packed. Anders, when rubber, making it more comfortable than the handheld using a metal coated redeem.
(5) USD for the price still not exactly predictable, nearly 6 million estimate. Price alone can be new Penjuala Prime known as Lounching on November 5, 2011.
(6) Although it calls directly without the use of hands-free-use can be, it may be uncomfortable to use it, because it looks really good when the device such as a mobile phone is provided. But it's all to use only a matter of habit of people.




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