Monday, July 30, 2012

How to choose a pocket camera

Pocket camera be sale bestsellers and coveted people due to the practicality and price, which are affordable camera. The development of the Pocket video cameras approached the point of stagnation in the sense of not much radical change in technology Pocket video cameras in the future go. It is different at all, if we look back in the past where changes and enhanced features camera so fast and confusing. Not yet come, the purchase of which was 5 mega camera a 7 mega; still not gotten the camera with VGA movie, already from the HD movie try. Now you could say is any camera bought it almost 'cooked in terms of technology, life' where we choose for most tastes and funds.
New generation cameras are demanding, to be confused also with sophisticated prospects (Beginner), the terms will be posted for viewing, brochures and specifications. Not to mention that hefty traders claim several features that familiar sound in the ear, Grogi makes increasingly interested. We have this new feature, read, to write to avoid us twice in writing about.
For starters, the most important is to recognize that your photography needs later. Try to answer the question here, at least can make predictions which camera you need: When used to create your camera as a means of regular documentation or artistic photo work? (Relationship feature guide) need more wide angle lens for extensive impressions or more need a zoom lens much? (Relationship with focal length) an image with fast performance whether you're going need to take as a child, which can keep not your mouth? (Reference to the performance of the shutter, autofocus, burst mode and shot to shot) are often adventurous types, shooting out there or not? (Connection with underwater camera body and accessories) whether you prefer AA batteries or lithium? whether often carry a pocket camera instead of the less light without a Flash? (based on ISO high capability sensors at) In addition to photograph like you record videos? (Reference to the resolution of the video) need photos for printing of large size big or tight crop? (Reference to the resolution) Answer to the above quiz, you have perhaps all the more easier it is, needs you in photography imagine. But keep in mind that not everything that we would probably be, sure there technological possibilities of a camera only things that need to be at risk.
As tips when choosing a camera are here are a few things to note:
Brand: not hung up get up to mark, well-known camera manufacturers basically have the same standards for quality, but not big brands have denied after sales service, what's better Lens sharpness: the key and the photo quality in lenses, as far as possible take a look at the results of the photo before you buy to see if you already earned wit Lensanya or not Zoom: Camera lens 3 X Pocket usually have optical zoom, although varied from 4, 5, 6 to 10 X zoom in now who need impose not big-Zoom camera with purchase not too high zoom Along mandatory: image stabilizer, because Pocket cameras are small and light enough so the risk of a crisis shaken when photographing large Features manual mode: it must at least Manual ISO, then Yes manual Eksposure (shutter priority and aperture priority), if there is a there is manual focus gratitude also how far must you? Lensanya-pocket camera begins less wide look for cameras that Lensanya starts from 30 mm, 28 mm or 24 mm by 35 mm, if you feel even, which makes his look useful for creativity and a broad perspective Resolution: as far as possible to avoid a too high resolution (more than 10 MP) da the sensor of the camera the pockets are small so that if Dijejali not be pixel too much she in a position a photo a clean noise in high ISO Bag camera performance is generally the same, but it does not hurt, more technical data about the shutter lag (the pause when the user presses of the shutter button and the photo was taken), shot to-shot (the waiting time for the first image to image next) burst mode (such as many photos in one second be taken can) and start / shutdown time to check (the time that enables the camera to take pictures on now required)
Things that are generally relative to all pocket camera, so there is no need to question identical:
Performance and auto-focus mode, in general each camera had the same AF performance (mechanical devices to detect contrast) and AF mode is provided in all.




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